Ok, my camera broke, I was pissed, over it, and then happy in about 5 min.

Well, I’m pretty bummed because last weekend my camera took a dive to the technological graveyard.

Now we all love our cams.  The technology is great.  They take great pictures, some record movies and due to their size, most are easily transportable.  We capture our friends in various circumstances.  We take them to our nights out, shooting pictures of friends you haven’t seenin a while, acting crazy, having a great time.  But the problems start when the booze start to flow.  NOTE TO SELF:  Don’t mix tech with alcohol.  My suggestion, use your cell phone to take pictures, or hire a photographer. 

In all honesty, the camera’s demise was a complete accident.  It was being handed off from one friend to another and it slipped (and I don’t hold it against them – honestly).  It hit the bar’s cement floor and then, all of a sudden, the lens didn’t retract properly.  It made some horrible grinding noise and deep inside, I knew that it wouldn’t recover.  Everyone felt bad, including my sister – who actually took it to a trusted camera shop, in an attempt to salvage what was left.  Alas, it couldn’t be revived.  The crappy part was that I only had it for about 4 months. 

Through a conversation about how much it was going to cost to get the camera repaired (which was $10 less than what the camera actually cost when I bought it) I was somehow reminded I had purchased an extended warranty.  Although it remains to be seen whether or not the warranty will actually cover the repairs, nevertheless, I still have it.  The ironic part of the situation is that I never, and I mean NEVER, buy an extended warranty.  I see it as the national retail chain’s “sucker punch” to the public.  It screams “gimme, gimme, gimme.”  Now, I’m a changed man.   Who knows, I’m taking it back this coming week.  Maybe a new year will bring a new camera…of which I’m sure I’ll still have the extended warranty and of which I’ll still take out on nights when my friends want to get together, go out and get hammered.


PS:  I put up a new quote.  See, 2 for 2!  Now, if I can just keep it going…lol. 


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