The job hunt continues…

Ok, I finally got my resume together and couldn’t be happier.  Now the sucky part comes in – actually applying for jobs.  I’m not thrilled about it, but then don’t know too many people that are.  It just seems we’re always on this quest to better ourselves yet (I’m stereotyping) Americans on the whole lack the discipline to do it.  Why is that our culture is so messed up?  Most of America is fat and lazy…and I mean that literally.  Whoa…don’t get me started.

I am working on my “professional” site for my job hunt.

Check it out and give me feedback. 

If you know anyone in the communications, corporate communications, public relations or advertising realm, PLEASE forward their names to me via email.  I’m all about the networking….



One comment

  1. An organized, planned, and most importantly well focused job hunt, can be the best way to find the position that is right for you. And focusing and organizing a job hunt can be surprisingly easy.

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