play that funky music…

I’ve been in a real funk the past couple of days.  I think the stress has really been hitting me hard – and I haven’t done anything about it.  Oh, so healthy.

There have been some great things this week.  First off, we had the student activities fair on Sunday.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many students anywhere outside of a sporting arena!  There were – and I’m not exaggerating – over 2,000 students crammed into one space.  It was insanity at its finest. 

We also conducted our first IABC University of Pittsburgh meeting.  !5 students attended, which was great!  I think it will prove to be an exciting year, filled with several professional development activities and hopefully, a lot of fun.

Class started Monday.  What I once thought would take 102 years to complete will be done in less than 102 days.  My instructors are pretty awesome so far (two down, one to go).  Only one book to buy – even better.   Now, if someone could please tell the students NOT to cross the street with oncoming traffic, life would be much easier!  (It never fails.  Some jughead gets hit every year by trying to beat traffic.  Is it really worth it?) 

I think, for my sanity, I’m going to have to scale back on activities.  I’m just doing way too much.  Those of you that know me understand I run on that adrenaline, however, my focus needs to change – especially with graduation on the horizon.  My job hunt and my homework need to take precidence.   Besides, I’m just beat. 

I watched part of the Olympic closing ceremonies.  Not nearly as great as the opening.  Jimmy Page?  C’mon…they couldn’t have gotten anyone better than that?


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