today is the day..

It’s not about what our parents did or whether or not people are of a different race, male or female.  This may be the most provactive presidential race in history, and instead of embracing it, we’ve grown disgusted by it. 

On one hand, we have a seasoned, older man with military and congressional experience, and conservative, right-wing views.  He chose a female running mate with almost no experience to play on people’s emotions.  On the other, we have a black man with some congressional experience, who gave his entire life to public service, and chose a man most people never heard of.  But it’s not about that.  It’s not about party lines.  It’s not about conservatism versus liberal thought. 

It needs to be about who’s the best for the job.  We need to look objectively at what each person has to offer us; what they’re going to do about the issues we face and how they’re going to get it done.  It’s about new vision and changing not only what is going on in our country, but the world. 

No, we’re not going to agree with everything the candidates believe in – nor should we.  We would be robots if we did.  But we’ve become lazy.

I just don’t understand how people can say they’re for this or that, when they’ve don’t understand what “this or that” is all about.  How many people have visited each candidate’s web site and actually read through part of the plan? Even just one section of it – the environment, the economy, taxes, education, foreign policy. 

Better yet, how many people have gone to the other candidate’s web site and read through their plan?  Wouldn’t one need to do so, in order to obtain an educated viewpoint?  To actually say they understand the differences in policy?  This is exactly what I’m talking about.  Edcuated decisions take time and work – something a lot of people don’t want to do – but its the right thing to do.  We need to take a higher position. 

We’ve lost sight of our individuality.  We don’t think about looking at things objectively and gaining a clear picture of whatwhat’s wright and wrong. 

It’s disheartiening that when I was growing up, we didn’t think about these kinds of things.  I chose to become educated.  I chose to look through what was right and wrong.  I learned that statistics can be bent to sway the view and biased journalism occurs every day.  The world isn’t what it seems because of what somone speaking into a microphone tells us it is.  We don’t want to take accountability for the mistakes we’ve made and god knows no one wants to pay for it.  But I feel we’re going to – whether it be with money or something worse.  

I read the other day that the ice in the arctic is so thin in some areas that the polar bears, which are dying off rapidly, are either drowning or resorting to cannibalism for survival.  Our oceans continue to die.  Yet there are people every day that say we’re not in global warming or toxic situations.  That we’re not having ecological problems.  Really?  We had 12 tropical storms in the Atlantic, and three hurricanes hit our country within 2 months. 

Since when did taking care of our planet take a back seat?

And that’s not all…Our economy is the worst its been since the great depression.  Seventy percent of all homes purchased since 2005 are either one month behind on their mortgage or in foreclosure.   We’re spending 10 billion dollars a month on a war we cannot win – and casualties continue to grow.  What’s wrong with this picuture?  Everything.

We’ve become so greedy and narrow minded that we’ve lost sight of what’s truly important.  That we need to experience life, help each other, and think for ourselves.  People have become lost in ego-centricities and entitlement.  Don’t let this be you.  Look through the glass.  Find something to care about again – and not just something the media tells you to.  Read up on the candidates, the scientists, more than your local news and learn to understand when people are feeding you lines of things they want you to hear, rather than the truth.  Let today be your day to make a change.


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