Crisis Frustration

I was a little worried this morning when I paroused the Pittsburgh Business Times and discovered our company was laying off 500 managers.  I was even more worried when, at lunch, I heard that five very seasoned professionals (one employed for over 23 years) had just been laid off.  My boss, who is just getting back from vacation, called in a panic wondering if she’ll have a job on Monday.  I can’t say I blame her.   

(By the way, this just demonstrates, yet again, how bad our internal communications department truly is.  I’ve grown really tired of discovering major company business in the paper, rather than hearing it from the company first.  I just think it shows poor leadership.) 

I just got back from Chicago with a pretty opportunisitic outlook.  I had great informational interviews with representatives from DePaul University and Cision.  I felt things went well – even though they were honest and said, “things are a little tough.”  I really liked the operation at Cision and hope to reconnect with them if/when I move to Chicago (hint, hint).  However, with this recent layoff news, my outlook has been somewhat thwarted.  The “economic crisis” hit a little too close to home – and couldn’t have come at a worse time. 

I’ve worked hard to ensure I graduate this December and I’m truly eager to start my new career in public relations or marketing.  I’ve done all the right things – networking, creating a portfolio, joined a professional organization (even started one on campus), joined online networks, applied online and in person.  I’m active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Naymz and PROpenMic.  Nothing seems to work. 

I guess I need to do what everyone will tell me.  Just keep at it.  The right opportunity will present itself at the right time.  I know this to be true…it’s just frustrating to wait.


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