New job and holiday cheer

WOW – what a week.

I wrapped up the last of my classes, had MAJOR damage control at the office – my first huge experience at crisis communications – and accepted a new position with Merrill Lynch.  Lots of change on the horizon.  

Last night, I did something off the wall.  I decided to brave the snow and head over to the Pitt has a Men’s Glee Club holiday concert.  I know…a glee club!?  I heard them at a homecoming event this October.  They were pretty good!  The church where the concert was held, was packed to the hilt with parents, alum, and tons of students (which I was a little surprised about).  I was pretty impressed with the music selection, as well as the diversity of the crowd. 

Afterward, my date and I headed to the Cardiology Holiday party at PNC Park.  One of the docs rented out the club level and it ended up being pretty nice.  I’ve gone to plenty of games but never to the club level before.  They had some pool tables set up, food, drink and merriment.  (Thanks Cesca!)


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