A new “new”

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything.  With some recent travel, the new job and the economic situation, it’s been tough to keep up.

Speaking of the new job, I was laid off last week.  Things didn’t work out due to contractual obligations and cost-cutting, which was completely out of my control.  Being unemployed in this market is no small matter, yet my outlook remains positive.  There are jobs available as people shift from one job to the next and when looking online, new positions pop up daily.  It should be an interesting time.

So, if anyone in Chicago, Austin or Seattle happens to read this, feel free to send me leads! I’m looking to strengthen my network and get names of good companies in those geographic areas.

On a more positive note, IABC/University of Pittsburgh asked me to present on the creation of online portfolios.  I’m really excited about the opportunity and hopefully the students will get something out of it.  Online portfolio building is an area relatively untouched by the school.  In my opinion, the career services office should offer some type of workshop.  When I went there, no one even informed me I had designated domain space!  (Not to mention, their antiquainted plaform was extremely difficult to maneuver and didn’t interface with Adobe of Microsoft Products.)  Maybe they’ll get that worked out in the near future.


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