Pet Remorse v. Mexican food

It’s four o’clock in the morning and I have the worst heartburn imaginable.  (Note to self:  never eat Mexican food more than four hours before bed time).  I woke up having wild dreams of my old dog, Bandit, and experienced an enormous sense of guild because my head told me I didn’t give him enough attention while growing up.  Now, for the record, our family treated Bandit well.  He was this great mid-size mutt we got from a pet shelter and ended up being one of the best dogs one could ask for.  He was always mild mannered, constantly happy, and very well-behaved.  We gave him a good home and was really sad when my family found him a new home when we moved.  So, why was I thinking I didn’t do enough?

I wondered why, at first, I thought of him at all.  The only time I really think about him is when I see a dog that kind of looks like him, but that hasn’t been for years.  Then, I remembered recently reading all of this information about people and their pets.  My friend Marie posted to her Facebook page that her dog, an adorable Rottwelier, Koda, just turned 10.  She also has this badge which links you up to this ‘dogbook’ page, where you can perform virtual actions and become a member of the family!  I also remembered reading an old blog post by Dave Wendland, talking about his daily trials and tribulations with his neighbor’s dog.

Why am I having pet guilt all of a sudden?

I’m a dog person – always have been, always will be.  Living in the city, I feel, isn’t really conducive to dog living.  Crating a dog all day long just seems cruel and can’t really afford a huge apartment for them to run around in while at work.  I recently inherited a freshwater aquarium from a family friend and manage to keep a majority of the school alive.  My roommate has a cat that is pretty friendly and doesn’t cause too much trouble. So, I ask again, WHY THE DOG GUILT?  Who knows.  It could be deep-seeded feelings of remorse for me recently becoming unemployed, or it could be just the result of eating way too much food before bed.  I’ll go with the latter.


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