Evian’s “Live Young” Campaign – Advertising’s Next Viral Wave

I never open forwarded messages – even from my family.  I delete them in fear.  I don’t need to waste valuable time filling out useless surveys or worse, downloading some sort of virus (yes, I learn from my mistakes).

This video was introduced to me by, of all people, my mother.  She politely asked, “did you get the video I sent you with the babies?”  I quickly (and adamantly) responded, “Yeah, but I deleted it.  You know I never open those things.”  She quickly ran to her computer and downloaded the video and asked me to watch.  Laughing hysterically, she was attracted by the cute baby factor.  I sat there, in shock, when I realized the genius behind the ad!

What makes this a great?  Well, with the campaign’s 13 million hits and 778,000 YouTube subscribers, people are still attracted to cuteness of babies. (Remember Pearl,Will Ferrell’s “landlord” or the Super Bowl E*Trade commercials?)  Euro RSCG, which have offices in the US and Europe, is responsible for creating the work and boasted a 652% increase in video views the week of July 16*.

A simple equation (cute kids + roller skates + catchy tune) mixed with ingenious computer technology and a well executed plan culminated into a an extremely successful campaign.  Their YouTube channel also holds follow up videos, such as skater Interviews and a behind the scenes video.  They did a great job leading viewers and subcribers to the Evian’s Live Young web site.  (A note to Evian:  make the link more easily accessible). Great work from Euro; not only from a campaign standpoint but demonstrates how social media can impact advertisements with measureable results.

CLIO nomination, anyone?

*most recent public statistics available online, provided by AdAge.com and Visible Measures


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