Why Blogging Sucks (well, at least mine)

As a writer, I find myself second guessing the ‘worst’ thing – that my content isn’t good enough.  

For anyone at all.


I admit it.  I need an audience.  We blog because we want to be read.  As a matter of fact, one of the goals I have as a blogger is to gain more readers. 

I link my blog to facebook with hopes that people will click on the link to my blog, and perhaps become a subscriber.  I send my posts to Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon and Del.icio.us to increase readership.  I research other avenues to gain some notoriety – yet my efforts seem to lead to nothing but cavernous voids. 

As I look into the black hole of despair (ok, it’s not that bad), I realize I may have missed the mark.  And as hard as it is to speak these words, there may be a few flaws to my method. 

So I stepped back, assessed and did a little research to find out why.  Here’s the short list:

1.  I thought I could provide content from which people could learn something, when in reality I wanted more readers.  I wrote about social media, marketing, communications and other work-related subjects.  I experimented with video (still want a Flip) and YouTube, which led to a smaller amount of exposure but nothing on the scale I anticipated.  I wrote about communications and wanted to share my knowledge.  So why was my biggest post one about how Norway and Iceland were the “Best Places to Live” in 2008? 

Simply put – People don’t care.  I read blogs about communication, marketing and blogging. My readers didn’t. 

Solution:  Post something relevant, along with something you’re interested in.  Step outside of the box and be funny, witty, adventurous and write about things that push the envelope.  It will help you and your readers both. 

2.  I don’t post regularly.  I know more than anyone doing something intermittently becomes increasingly difficult to maintain.  A post here and there adds insult to injury, just like going to the gym less and less makes it that much harder to get back in shape. 

Solution:  Consistency in posting interesting, reliable content is key..  I’ve been told to write about something each day, just to keep writing.  Perhaps there’s logic in writing everyday but not necessarily in publishing everyday. 

3.  I lacked planning.  I had no idea what I wanted to write about.  I wanted to write a blog but didn’t know what to say.   I’m the kind of guy that needs a plan and not sure if that plan ever came together. 

Solution:  Devise a light roadmap; set some attainable, measureable goals (i.e. writing so many words each day); evaluate those goals; change plan if necessary.

4.  I take for granted the inspiration that’s all around me.  One of my biggest complaints to myself is that I lack inspiration.  I have this fear that what matters to me doesn’t matter to everyone else – not necessarily the case. There’s inspiration all around.  I just need to let my mind stop for 5 minutes to absorb and process it in a way which is interesting.   

In order to stay on target with your blog, I would suggest writing about something you love, write something every day, post regularly, push the envelope.  Use humor and wit to write about topics that piss you off (remaining somewhat on track). 

People like to read blogs because they’re interesting, short, funny and offbeat.  If they want to learn, they’ll read a text book.


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