1969 Concept Store Opens in Chicago’s Gold Coast

On Tuesday, May 11, Gap opened up a 1969 concept store at 939 N. Rush (at Walton), formerly the space of boutique retailer, Jake.

1969 showcases Gap’s entire adult denim line with an accompanying assortment of vintage-esque clothing.  Long, narrow wood tables house stacks of denim in both the front and back of the store.  Patterned baby-doll dresses, distressed plaid shirts, denim jackets and vintage washed tees line the walls, allowing the shopper to put together the perfectly relaxed outfit.  The most striking feature of the store is definitely the giant denim wall, hiding the cash wrap and fitting rooms from view.  It houses over 700 pairs of jeans, which you can rifle through on the other end to find your size.  The concept store previews some unique denim finishes a couple of months prior to Gap store rollouts, but the size selection remains consistent with their larger counterparts.

The price point for Gap’s premium denim remains under $100, giving shoppers a more budget-friendly selection from neighboring high-end retailers Barneys, Marc Jacobs and Adriano Goldshmied.  Their fits are pretty amazing too, offering various styles for almost every shape and style.

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a lot of press regarding the 1969 concept rollout.  After researching the internet, including the Gap, Inc. Web site, information was hard to come by.  Except for some premier openings, like Soho and Los Angeles, the retailer is keeping things pretty quiet.  Even when seeking other 1969 store locations through Gap’s Store Locater, the Rush Street shop is simply listed as “Gap.”  Perhaps they’re still working out their marketing plan.

While you’re there, walk north to Oak and Rush and check out the fantastic multi-level Hermes store opening this summer (hopefully).

UPDATE:  This store is now closed.  It didn’t even last a year.  I guess people in that area are more interested in paying $350 for a pair of jeans.


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