Review: El Vez (Philadelphia)

El Vez is my Philadelphia staple. I’ve paid El Vez a visit the last
four times I’ve been to town and the food never disappoints.

We ordered the basic guacamole, which is decent but at $14, it seemed
bit on the pricey side for avocados. There are several other guac
flavors available but ramp up in price. There were four of us, so we
went with a pitcher of white sangria (available, even though it’s not
on the menu). If you haven’t been before, and you’re a meat eater, I
would suggest going with the beef tacos. The meat comes fairly tender
with a nice barrage of toping on three corn tortillas.

The crowd is filled with a diverse group of folks, tourists and locals
alike. I would suggest reservations on Thursday through Sunday.

El Vez
121 S 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 928-9800


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