Equinox – Best Gym Ever; Social Media Maestro Series

Equinox, located in the lower levels of 900 N. Michigan Avenue, is most likely the nicest full-service club I’ve ever visited.  See, when hitting the gym, convenience is paramount.  The location must be close (meaning outside my office, pass it on the way to work, or less than a block from my house) because if I settle into my apartment after a long day, I’m not leaving.  Man, did I luck out.

This Equinox location exists as part of a nationwide network of high-end workout centers / spas.  They focus in larger metro areas and offer a high-priced nationwide package for the frequent business traveler.  Listed as “Uber Club…transforming the gym experience,” by Chicago Social Magazine, the staff members at this location are great…always with a smile as you enter and leave the gym.  Busiest times I’ve seen are Mondays and Wednesdays after work.  I can get in, complete a work out, shower and get back to my desk in just over an hour.  Not bad.  I have yet to take any classes there, which is sad because there’s something there for everyone.

One thing to note, I lost my iPhone here and became really disheartened when no one turned it in.  Don’t get me wrong – the staff did their best to look for it, and felt awful it happened.  But I don’t think that members who pay such high gym fees necessarily need to lift my iPhone.  It was an expensive mistake but as a warning, DON’T LEAVE YOUR ELECTRONICS lying around.

Huge Pluses:

  • Large amount of friendly, engaged trainers (you can really tell the ones that care about their clients)
  • Discount coupons to store and spa after joining
  • You can check in, reserve a spinning bike, check class schedules and find other gym locations via an Equinox iPhone app
  • Extremely clean
  • Almost no waiting for equipment
  • Eye candy galore
  • Monthly lockers, laundry service and towel service available
  • Immaculate lap pool
  • Complimentary one hour training session and full body assessment with membership
  • Complimentary 30 minute message
  • Full line of Kiehl’s products for use in the locker room and for purchase at the store
  • An occasional celebrity sighting
  • At times, awesome music


  • Memberships are higher than other gyms in the area
  • The gym’s underground.  No windows but well lit.
  • Cell phone reception’s not that great (see above).  I guess this could be either a blessing or a curse.
  • Initial 12-month contracts, after it’s month-to-month
  • Corporate discounts only happen if you get more than 15 people to join after you inquire about setting up the meetings.  Doesn’t seem like a lot but when you only have 75 people in your office, and the people that can join already are members, it’s tough.

Yes, I feel a bit of exclusivity when I go there.  There are a ton of business professionals that work out during lunch and after they leave the office.  Deals are discussed, people interact with each other and you may even see a celebrity or two.  I love the atmosphere, the cleanliness and the fact you hardly ever have to wait for anything.

It may not be for everyone but I’m glad I’m a member.

Coming Next Week:

As part of sharing new and interesting social media insight, I asked four social media specialists to answer the same series of questions.  Each week I’ll post their responses, along with some background information.  Hopefully you’ll find the interviews full of useful information. Enjoy!


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