Tips on Being the Ideal Guest

Being a good guest (at a party, a dinner, weekend house guest or otherwise) involves a good balance of class and manners.  Follow these simple rules to get invited again and again:

  1. If a hosts requests you RSVP, DO IT.  They need to know.
  2. As an overnight house guest, bring a gift upon arrival.  A case of good beer, a bottle of their favorite liquor or cigars show your gratitude to the host opening his (or her) home.  If the host is female or married, a potted candle or soaps score some kudos.  Banana Republic and Pottery Barn have offer accessible, inexpensive choices.
  3. If you’re not a great conversationalist, be prepared with some light topics.  News, sports, entertainment and local events are always great conversation starters.
  4. Say, “Thank you.” – A LOT
  5. Man up if you happen to break something.  Tell the host right away and offer to pay for it.
  6. At a party, a fantastic guest is never the first to arrive, nor the last to leave.  Discreetly thank the host before you depart.
  7. If you’re not feeling well, don’t go.  No one wants to catch your cold or listen to you whine about your sinus headache.
  8. If you don’t want to go to a party, politely decline (or pretend with #7).  Don’t lead people into thinking you’re attending when you have no intention.
  9. If invited to a seated dinner party, always ask the host where they’d like you to sit.
  10. Be sure to talk to several people, not just the extremely attractive hottie in the corner.
  11. Hand written thank you notes score major points every time.

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