The Dinner Party Download

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Feel like your topics of conversation are a bit dull?  Out of the loop when it comes to small talk?  Well, the Dinner Party Download is for you!

Their goal: “To quickly and entertainingly provide listeners with all the unconventional information necessary to (metaphorically) vanquish conversational foes.”

Each week, hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnan provide a 15 minute show packed with interviews, conversational topics, drink recipes and tips – all in efforts to make you the most interesting guest at the table.  American Public Media, the folks who distribute A Prairie Home Companion, produce the show.  (See, these guys are legit!)

Described as, “a fast and funny ‘booster shot’ of news and culture designed to help you dazzle your friends and family at this weekend’s dinner party” The Dinner Party Download definitely provides saavy entertainment.

Check out their website HERE, find them on Facebook and follow them on twitter (@dinnerpartydnld).

Subscribe to their podcast via iTunes.


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