Shoes – Five Staples for Every Man’s Closet

Neal Santelmann wrote an article for entitled The Best Men’s Shoes. In the article he quotes Lynn Marks, an Atlanta-based image consultant and president of the London Image Institute, whose corporate clientele includes executives at Coca-Cola, American Express, AT&T and the Weather Channel as saying, “Men let themselves down on their shoes.  They either don’t think that shoes are important, or they seem to think that shoes can’t be seen. Either way, it’s a big mistake.”  This couldn’t have any more truth.

Be Smart:  5 shoes every man should own

According to Esquire Magazine, this short list are the shoes “a man truly needs.”  Invest wisely.  You’ll get a large amount of wear and will always be in style.

  1. Black Oxfords – The most common staple of the man’s shoe collection.  These can be worn all year round with almost anything: a suit, jeans and blazer combination, or with chinos and a sweater. Make sure to keep them dust free and polished.  Do not wear a brown belt with black shoes – ever.  Johnston & Murphy makes  a quality shoe.
  2. Brown Wing Tips – The key to decent wing tips are the color and comfort.  Be sure they’re a rich brown and not too casual.  They wear well in the C-wing with a nice navy suit.  If you’re up for a little edge, try wearing them with a tailored charcoal or light gray suit.  Be sure your belt is within a few shades of brown as the shoes.  Alligator belts are a nice match.
  3. Loafers – the workhorse shoe.  These shoes can be worn properly at the office or on a casual weekend.  Can be worn with wool pants, chinos, or shorts.  Either black or brown bode well.  Try Allan Edmonds for a nice loafer.
  4. Brown bucks (or chukkas) – Esquire recommends brown bucks, but I personally love a suede chukka boot.  These boots are low cut, falling just around the ankle.  These are great for the ‘business casual’ or relaxed office environment.  They also look great with jeans.  Clarks makes a very comfortable, stylish chukka.
  5. Off-white canvas sneakers – NOT running sneakers.  These are great for just about anything outside of work.  You need a pair.  Jack Purcell’s are the best on the market (and affordable too).

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