Gratitude, Lack of Appreciation and other Thanksgiving Crap

Today was my one year anniversary at my job.  I have to say, I’m pretty damn grateful.  I’ve got a great boss, the company pays for some association fees and professional development, I have strategic control over my department and most of the folks there are pretty laid back.   But, like any job, sometimes you get kicked in the teeth.

For instance, a buddy of mine sent me a job that is basically my job but involves working for a suburban city outside of Chicago – paying almost DOUBLE WHAT I MAKE NOW!  I almost lost my head when I saw the salary.  Why the hell am I working for 50 cents on the dollar?  (Oh yeah, I was unemployed a year ago and needed a freakin’ paycheck.)   I have no plans to leave my job, but it does kind of suck when you come across random things like this.

I managed to go to the gym and work out so hard my body shook as I walked to the locker room.  Not like a little twitch, I mean like shook for a good 10 seconds and had difficulty walking down the steps.  I’ve been a fat, lazy slob, stuffing my face all damn weekend, so why not stress my body to the limit with hopes that I’d walk out of there with the body of Ryan Reynolds in one workout?  Obviously, it didn’t work and I’m still sore. I’m calorie counting to drop some pounds (again) and popping Aleve to mask my pain.  We’ll see how long this time lasts.

This morning I saw a WGN staffer go on their morning talk show and become the subject of some dating service experiment.  This woman was in her 30’s, attractive, has children and is a hard working professional – a good catch in my opinion.  Yet she still had problems getting a date.  The service was highlighted because they went to the client’s friends and family (chosen by the client) and basically said, “Why don’t you feel [name] doesn’t have a date?”  This was a bit weird.  #1) I’m not that desperate that I’d hire a dating service.  #2) They didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know about dating. #3) I’m not too keen on my friends and family calling out all my shit.

People ask me all the time why I’m not seeings someone – which is the equivalent of asking me why I haven’t won the fucking lottery.  My response is always the same.  I say, “I don’t know” and if I’m in a good mood, I follow up with, “I’m social.  I talk to new people all the time.  I’ve asked people out and usually one of three things happens – they’re not available, not interested, or they lie through their teeth.”  I will admit, however, being single in your mid-30’s kinda sucks.

Finally, Thanksgiving rocked.  My friends D & G had dinner for eight, including the two of them, me, a mutual friend from Pittsburgh, his long-time friend from Boston, two friends from Philly and a new dude who just moved to Chicago from Portland.  It was a big gay turkey day and it was awesome.

Now if I could only get Ryan Reynolds to Thanksgiving….



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