“To Me, You Are Perfect”

”]Cover of "Love Actually [Blu-ray]"

Sorry folks.  I haven’t posted in almost two weeks…but it’s not due to lack of trying.  I have seven to ten drafts waiting to get finished.  I know…sad but true. My brain’s been all over the place and I’ve been suffering from either “what should I write about” or “is this any good?” syndrome.  Warning:  do not have high expectations for this post.  🙂

I’m also experimenting with my blog layout (again).  I can’t seem to find anything I like and have absolutely NO design skills.  If anyone has any color schemes they can recommend, let me know.  I’m terrible with this stuff.  I am responsible for taking the header picture.  I think it’s a good pic of Chicago, if I may say so myself.

Christmas is Saturday.  I didn’t decorate my apartment.  I didn’t put up a tree.  I’m not done with shopping.  But I have to say, I’ve been more “in the spirit” this year than I have been over the last few.  Maybe it’s all the reruns of Elf or watching too much of ABC Family‘s 25 Days of Christmas, but I’ve not been worried, concerned or anything but somewhat content this year.  The feeling’s a bit weird.

The title of this post is from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually.  This amazing all-star cast develops intertwining of story lines, the sense of togetherness, turmoil and life’s complexities, as well as the sense of love and holiday spirit.  (If you haven’t seen it, get it from Amazon downloads or Netflix…even though there’s a “Very long wait” right now).

Speaking of a sense of intertwining story lines, I recently came across this video of another British favorite, Lily Allen.  She’s a pop star known for her brashness and racy lyrics – quite an amazing songwriter. One of her big hits was The Fear, released a couple of years back (click here for the actual meaning of the song).  As a promotion for an Xbox game called Lips, which is like karaoke at home, Microsoft hired a designer to promote the Lily Allen downloads in Britain.  The video has Allen, among hundreds of amateurs singing the song.  For some reason the video reminded me of Love Actually, in that there are several hundred folks coming together to make this amazing promotion.  I just wanted to share.



  1. Hi Justin,
    I’ve been planning a new blog layout myself. Actually, I plan to split my current blog into two blogs, one focused on communications and general work-related posts, and one focused on faith topics, issues and opinions. I want to be able to write meaningful posts without worrying about alienating my audiences.
    Each of the blogs will have its own layout, title and header images. I have picked two different WordPress themes.
    If you want ideas for layouts, go to the WordPress themes site, and spend time looking at other people’s designs. Write down what you like and why.
    I really like your header image, by the way!

  2. I LOVE “Love Actually.” I want to see this movie so much sometime in the next few days that I’m going to go buy it tonight!

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