Dreams of Austin and a ‘Banging’ Body

For whatever reason, I was up at 5:22 this morning. That’s not a bad thing…at least today. I’ve been wanting to get my ass out of bed early for a while because over the last week, I’ve done nothing but procrastinate the departure of the best pillow-top mattress in existence (or so it seems). I’ve been rolling out of bed later and later. Quite sad, really. Today’s early rise was definitely an evil plot developed by my subconscious out of nothing but spite – retribution for me complaining about it. Ok, evil mind, I get it. The worst part is, I know I should get up early. When I do, I’m more productive, happier and people don’t annoy me as much.

I stopped paying for my gym because the fees were raping me. Yet, I live in Chicago. If you’ve been here, you know the winters are not conducive to outdoor activities for three months. So, I decided to order this P90X system which cost me an arm and a leg (or about one month’s gym fees). Yes, my gym was that expensive. Estimated delivery date is Friday. We’ll see how this goes. Actually, I know how it’s going to go – it will suck. The goal is to get up at 5:30 and do the workout before heading to the office. Two strikes against me already. I’m sure I’m going to hate it, until I begin to notice some change. I NEED to tell myself I will do this. Every day. For 90 days. IT WILL HAPPEN.

On another note, I know I’ve been really busy because the inside of my head feels like a wet cotton ball and I am not laughing that often. There’s a lot going on, both at the office and with extra-curriculars. I also can’t hold a thought for longer than a couple of seconds, which is why this post is all over the place.

One of my favorite blogs is the Bloggess, who occasionally goes by Jenny Lawson. Jenny writes for the Houston Chronicle but runs multiple blogs, including a sex column. She’s married, lives near Austin with her two kids, a gimpy cat and a stuffed boar head, named James Garfield. Every time I read her stuff, I laugh. She recently wrote about receiving a full-sized panda suit – which I think everyone should own. (I know all the furries just broke out their credit cards.) Reading Jenny’s blog not only brings a smile to my face but also makes me realize something very important – you can still have fun, be lighthearted , do what you want, and people will still love you. I know that sounds so simple and crazy, but its one of those things that you’re consistently told and rarely believe. Thanks Jenny. (Follow Jenny on twitter and/or check out her stuff from the store.)

I don’t know how people have the time to write multiple blogs because I don’t have the time to maintain one.

Speaking of Austin, I’m debating my virgin trip to SXSW this year. Much good will come out of this: 1) I haven’t been to Austin in over 10 years and it would be nice to get back to my home state – especially in March. 2) I know people that live there; namely my dad. He and his wife life about an hour away and I’ve never been to his house (don’t hate…there’s a long back story). It would be nice to catch up. 3) I may actually meet some of the bloggers I read every single week. 4) My friend Alicia Kan asked me to go a while back and had no idea how to respond. She runs a blog, completely funny, intelligent, stylish and I admire her for walking away from her six-figure job in the midst of an economic crisis, because she wanted to find work with ‘meaning.’ 5) I might even hear a good band. Now, if I could only get my boss to realize this conference is essential to my career and the company must pay for it, I’m set.



    1. I’m the one that should be all blushy! Thanks for acknowledging my tiny existence and if I get down your way, I’ll be sure to reach out!

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