Frankie’s Dishes Up Pizza, Pasta and some Pizzaz

Overall 3.5 out of 5.

I frequent Frankie’s Fifth Floor mainly because my office is in the same building.  This Lettuce Entertain You Italian locale offers a nice variety of quick, affordable lunches to a wide audience of locals, tourists and business consumers.  They also offer a decent selection of full entrees, including pasta, meats and salads.  Smaller style pizzas (10 inches, I think) are also available.

A marghertia pizza and small ceasar salad is a perfect lunch that will definitely leave you feeling full!  The chopped salad is also a winner.  I would, however, avoid the caprese salad.  The last two times I’ve ordered it, the mozzarella comes out extremely “wet”.  I know buffalo mozz is packed in water but the cheese has been lacking its creamy flavor and you end up with a plate full of water.  Not good.

The restaurant is basically a two-in-one offering.  You can sit “outside” (Frankie’s Fifth Floor Pizzaria) in the main area of the mall, which is nice due to the large window overlooking Michigan Avenue.  Frankie’s Scallopine (or “Inside”) offers a slightly more upscale and intimate aesthetic, sans pizza.  Either way, the food is quite good and you’ll be fine.

Be sure to check out happy hour on Friday’s, with martinis, select wines and small appetizers for $5!

See if Kevin’s working.  He’s the most considerate, attentive waiter I’ve experienced in a long time.  We always grab his section.


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