I’m a communications professional consistently learning, while

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.”

-Gore Vidal

This blog began in 2008 and has steadily evolved in an amalgamation of interests – from restaurants and cooking to the latest thoughts on the economy. I hope you find it interesting.

Some of my Vices:

    • Diet Coke
    • Cheese
    • Wine
    • Feeling immensely guilty when, on occasion, I have the capability to lie around and do nothing
    • Instant gratification

The expressed opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone. They do not reflect those of my current or previous employer(s).




  1. Congratulations!!!! Yes, I’m so glad you are going for a job position. We will have to make sure we have a party in your honor.

  2. I found your blog by googling for info on the movie Lions for Lambs which I just watched on HBO. I found your review of that movie interesting considering that most media reviews were lukewarm, if not “cold shoulder.”

    Who are you? Your resume, accomplishments, portfolio, Facebook and Twitter tell what you’re striving for – employment – but not much of who you are on the inside.

    Brand – who you are when no-one is looking – used to be the definition of character…

    I am a journalist of sorts, having retired from the business world a year or so ago. I’d like to know others who feel like writing, even when they don’t feel like writing, if you know what I mean. Bette Cox, South Carolina

    1. Bette,
      Thanks for your comments. I’m truly a well-rounded individual who enjoys a great many things. I’m living in Chicago now and doing a lot of self-exploration. I guess that’s a result of the economic climate and taking on new adventures. Yes, I’m looking for employment.

      Glad you found the review interesting. What were your thoughts on the movie? I think people don’t truly understand how “real” that movie could be. As a retired journalist, did you relate with Glenn Close’s role on some level? Interested to hear.

  3. Justin, I sent you a private email also.

    The movie could be released today with far better ticket sales, I think. Afghanistan is on every news channel, both the military and political situations occupying prominent places. Of course, the media reviews might not change.

    I do identify with the TV journalist – as a radio talk show host for several years, I interviewed politicians and business persons on a wide variety of topics. I always ran “politispeak” through several filters, personal agendas and political ambitions being high on the list. One memorable state senator would never look me in the eye when speaking to me, and it was difficult to get him to shut up long enough to ask him the next question. I quit inviting him.

    Do you have a hobby?

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