When Your Creativity is Running on Empty

Take a look at this.

And even though I’m not an Apple user, it’s still nice to get inspiration.


“To Me, You Are Perfect”

”]Cover of "Love Actually [Blu-ray]"

Sorry folks.  I haven’t posted in almost two weeks…but it’s not due to lack of trying.  I have seven to ten drafts waiting to get finished.  I know…sad but true. My brain’s been all over the place and I’ve been suffering from either “what should I write about” or “is this any good?” syndrome.  Warning:  do not have high expectations for this post.  🙂

I’m also experimenting with my blog layout (again).  I can’t seem to find anything I like and have absolutely NO design skills.  If anyone has any color schemes they can recommend, let me know.  I’m terrible with this stuff.  I am responsible for taking the header picture.  I think it’s a good pic of Chicago, if I may say so myself.

Christmas is Saturday.  I didn’t decorate my apartment.  I didn’t put up a tree.  I’m not done with shopping.  But I have to say, I’ve been more “in the spirit” this year than I have been over the last few.  Maybe it’s all the reruns of Elf or watching too much of ABC Family‘s 25 Days of Christmas, but I’ve not been worried, concerned or anything but somewhat content this year.  The feeling’s a bit weird.

The title of this post is from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Love Actually.  This amazing all-star cast develops intertwining of story lines, the sense of togetherness, turmoil and life’s complexities, as well as the sense of love and holiday spirit.  (If you haven’t seen it, get it from Amazon downloads or Netflix…even though there’s a “Very long wait” right now).

Speaking of a sense of intertwining story lines, I recently came across this video of another British favorite, Lily Allen.  She’s a pop star known for her brashness and racy lyrics – quite an amazing songwriter. One of her big hits was The Fear, released a couple of years back (click here for the actual meaning of the song).  As a promotion for an Xbox game called Lips, which is like karaoke at home, Microsoft hired a designer to promote the Lily Allen downloads in Britain.  The video has Allen, among hundreds of amateurs singing the song.  For some reason the video reminded me of Love Actually, in that there are several hundred folks coming together to make this amazing promotion.  I just wanted to share.

It Gets Better – Love Pixar

I came across this short eight minute video and wanted – no, needed, to share it with you.

We all have our issues in life, some different than others.  I’m fortunate to live in a place where, more often than not, people accept me for who I am.  This wasn’t always the case.  I often felt a lot like these folks…alone, afraid, wondering if I could ever make it, wondered why I felt different.  I made it through, day by day, and so can others like me.



If you need someone to talk to, and can’t find anyone face to face, contact the Trevor Project, a confidential hot line at 866-4-u-trevor.  You can also chat with a live, trained volunteer via the website.

Thank you to dot429 for posting this video on Facebook.

Virgin Atlantic Does it Again

Another video I was introduced to by a friend was the Virgin Atlantic 25th anniversary television ad.  He was a flight attendant and supervisor from Northwest Airlines and simply said, “you have to see this.”  The video was released on television all over Europe as part of the June 22 anniversary.

I found the ad simply amazing.  Franky Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” and cell phones the size of small brief cases (for those of us that remember them) were icons of the time.  The best thing about this video is that the flight attendants actually wore those great outfits, red pumps included.  Ah, the days when flying was a privilege and not a right.

Evian’s “Live Young” Campaign – Advertising’s Next Viral Wave

I never open forwarded messages – even from my family.  I delete them in fear.  I don’t need to waste valuable time filling out useless surveys or worse, downloading some sort of virus (yes, I learn from my mistakes).

This video was introduced to me by, of all people, my mother.  She politely asked, “did you get the video I sent you with the babies?”  I quickly (and adamantly) responded, “Yeah, but I deleted it.  You know I never open those things.”  She quickly ran to her computer and downloaded the video and asked me to watch.  Laughing hysterically, she was attracted by the cute baby factor.  I sat there, in shock, when I realized the genius behind the ad!

What makes this a great?  Well, with the campaign’s 13 million hits and 778,000 YouTube subscribers, people are still attracted to cuteness of babies. (Remember Pearl,Will Ferrell’s “landlord” or the Super Bowl E*Trade commercials?)  Euro RSCG, which have offices in the US and Europe, is responsible for creating the work and boasted a 652% increase in video views the week of July 16*.

A simple equation (cute kids + roller skates + catchy tune) mixed with ingenious computer technology and a well executed plan culminated into a an extremely successful campaign.  Their YouTube channel also holds follow up videos, such as skater Interviews and a behind the scenes video.  They did a great job leading viewers and subcribers to the Evian’s Live Young web site.  (A note to Evian:  make the link more easily accessible). Great work from Euro; not only from a campaign standpoint but demonstrates how social media can impact advertisements with measureable results.

CLIO nomination, anyone?

*most recent public statistics available online, provided by and Visible Measures